Monday, May 28, 2007

Back in Portland

While driving through town, Julia noticed some California Poppies.

Mt. Adams Center: The Tool Barn

Mt. Adams Center: Third Week

On Thursday

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mt. Adams Center: Second Week

stole an hour to explore the wetlands of Trout Lake

Learned that a leaf picked from this plant takes on a pleasant smell after fifteen minutes

Trail teams were sent out this week to an assortment of locations around the Gorge for a three day training. My team of seven camped at eagle creek campground, restored trails around the area, and chewed the fat.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

At Mt. Adams Center

and of course, Mt. Adams.

flowers against a sun-bleached log.

I found a few hours to do some painting.

At Mt. Adams Center

We spent friday clearing trails for a horse race scheduled for this coming week. Our crew leaders cut up the logs which had fallen across the trail, and we moved the cut pieces. Here's our team leader John, siting on a stump, trying to make a phone call over lunch.

we helped out the best we could

we sharpened our pulaskis and broke up some fire wood

out on a team-building scavenger hunt, we nearly lost a member to this horse

The first week at Mt. Adams Center was excellent. Met many new people, trained for the job, and ate well. They serve nearly all organic food there. When ever the opportunity presents itself to embellish a dish with salsa and guacamole, they offer the salsa, fresh, by the bucket, and guacamole by the salad bowl.

Friday, May 4, 2007


I recently got my self a new pair of boots for the job

Backstory: Bellingham

Now head over to my website for the next section. copy and past the URL below into your address bar:

this is an illustrated story I've been working on for a while now.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Backstory 11

In California, I buckled down and began work on the portrait of my grandparents, while working part time at Marmot Mountain Works. I planned my return to Bellingham, and signed a lease agreement for an apartment there with Julia.

Backstory 10

The Skipper

I finished up my job in Wyoming, and moved back to Bellingham to straighten things out with Julia, and see if I could make something of myself in the world of art.

However, I soon learned of my friend Matt’s plan to ride his bicycle from Bellingham, WA to Chile. The opportunity was too great, and how wonderful it sounded in comparison to the idea of getting serious about life in Bellingham.
I decided to go along with Matt, at least until Berkeley, CA where my brother had offered me a position, cat-sitting for he and his girlfriend while they went on vacation in New Zeland. At this point I told Julia I would definitely be back soon, and asked if she would wait for me if she could. I packed up a bike trailer with all that I figured I would need, which included a number of small canvases, a french easil containing oil paints and supplies, a camera and tripod, and a laptop computer. My idea was to make “Bike Size Paintings”®. Soon, I realised that I could not keep up with Matt under the October rains, hauling one hundred pounds of gear, and get any painting done. I told him to go ahead, and I set out to really tackle the “Bike Sized Paintings”® idea. It lasted one afternoon. The next day I rode like hell through pouring rain to the next town, where I got a motel room. I shipped all my painting supplies to my brother in Oakland the next morning. I rode the rest of the way with Matt to Astoria, Oregon before my achilles tendon, and my knees felt the stress from the weight I had tried to pull. I saw Matt off, and decided to catch a train from Portland to Berkeley. The one painting, about this bike ride, that’s worth mentioning is a painting I did afterward of a kid Matt and I entered into a rock-skipping contest with on the beach under the Deception Pass Bridge, on Whidbey Island.

Backstory 9

As much as I was enjoying my efforts, I never managed to make a single dollar.

In the summer of 2005 I left my girlfriend, Julia, In bellingham, and took a job on a ranch in Duboise, WY. I was pretty spent on big ideas, and art took a place on the back burner.
While clearing drainage ditches and sweeping out century-old-cabins on a ranch with three people, all fourty years older than myself (good friends non-the-less), I quickly began to yearn for the friends, and love I had left behind.

Backstory 8

and I built my website

I lived in a garage outside of town

After graduation I figured I’d live as cheap as possable, use the money I recieved from my family for graduating to build a website, and I’d get by.

Backstory 7

We all bounced ideas off of one another, and learned a great deal. With this community, I felt as alive as I ever had when I was snowboarding. However, as graduation approached, many friends moved away, and I began to wonder just what the hell I was going to do with the degree after graduating, and what spending all that time alone creating pictures, was really worth.

Backstory 6

and my girlfriend Julia

josh. josh is actually a logger, but I used him as a reference for this illustration.

adrienne. she's not so fond of this depiction of her, but it's all ive got here.





At Western's art department I planned to pursue a degree in graphic design, but ended up following in my brothers footsteps with a BA in Painting. While there, I met many good friends.

Backstory 5

Before I move forward in illustrating my experiences, my aim is to catch you up to speed with how I came to this blog of small paintings:

I grew up in Nashville, TN. I attended high school in Crested Butte, CO, and graduated from Stratton Mtn. School in Stratton Mtn. Vermont. I had plans only to snowboard after high school, but a broken knee in the spring of my senior year ended that dream. Embracing my parents wishes, I began my undergraduate studies at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA in the fall of 2000. I struggled through my freshman year, with a feeling that I still needed to give snowboarding a try.
I moved to Mammoth Lakes, CA for the winter of 2001, where many high school friends had since settled. I felt uneasy snowboarding for the first week before breaking my collarbone in the second. At that point I decided my snowboard career was over, and I had better apply for entry into the art department at Western Washington University.
I moved off my friends couch, and into a lonely apartment in June Lakes, a small town east of Mammoth, where I hastily put together a portfolio. In the spring of 2002 I was accepted, and immediately drove up highway 101 and 1, toward my new academic life.

Backstory 4

I have not yet completed any major sections of the Pacific Crest Trial in Oregon, however, in the summer of 2004, I spent two weeks hiking the John Muir Trail with my Brother Keith. When the PCT was being constructed through California, planners routed it through the Sierras on the John Muire Trail. Above is a painting I executed along the way.

Backstory 3

As I have previously stated in this blog, I have accepted a job, maintaining the Oregon section of the Pacific Crest Trial. The Job will last for the next six months. I will be working nine days on at a time, followed by five fays off which I plan to spend here in Portland. My hope is to regularly update this blog with drawings and paintings from the trail.

The Pacific Crest Trail was initially conceptualised in the late 1920's as a linkage of trail systems running through the Pacific states California, Oregon, and Washington, creating one continuous route from the Mexican border to the Canadian. It was only recently completed in 1993, however it has been frequently hiked since the 1970's by people willing to improvise routes on the sections which had yet to be joined. The PCT is now 2,650 miles long, winding through a wide range of ecozones from high and low desert to old-growth forests.

Backstory 2

and this painting I executed at Mt. Tabor Park about a month ago

The apartment Julia and I lived in on East Maple St. in Bellingham, WA

some water jugs outside my brothers temporary lodging in Kernville, CA

Before I began this blog with the paintings from Smith Rocks State Park, I had only begun to feel comfortable with the gouache medium. A few paintings I executed last summer resemble the paintings I am currently doing.

My Backstory 1

As many of you know, the paintings on this blog were executed on a small scale while I was out on a hike or bike ride. They were painted in gouache on paper, in an immidiate and fast manner. By painting in a small scale, outside, I am able to maintain an interest in painting, which I often loose in large-scale studio oil painting. The technique i'm using is the current incarnation of my long challenge to find the most portable medium, while maintaining an aeshtetic I still find appealing.
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