Thursday, May 3, 2007

Backstory 3

As I have previously stated in this blog, I have accepted a job, maintaining the Oregon section of the Pacific Crest Trial. The Job will last for the next six months. I will be working nine days on at a time, followed by five fays off which I plan to spend here in Portland. My hope is to regularly update this blog with drawings and paintings from the trail.

The Pacific Crest Trail was initially conceptualised in the late 1920's as a linkage of trail systems running through the Pacific states California, Oregon, and Washington, creating one continuous route from the Mexican border to the Canadian. It was only recently completed in 1993, however it has been frequently hiked since the 1970's by people willing to improvise routes on the sections which had yet to be joined. The PCT is now 2,650 miles long, winding through a wide range of ecozones from high and low desert to old-growth forests.

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