Sunday, June 10, 2007

Castle Crags and Bucks Lake Wilderness

Last Friday we ate lunch on top of Spanish Peak.

My co-worker, Dave.

Bucks Lake Wilderness was excellent. We gained our cross cut saw licenses. We cleared brush, created drainage bars, and learned a great deal about the region from our guide, Cinthia.

On Monday we drove down to the Bucks Lake Wilderness, about an hour north of Lake Tahoe. We passed Bernie Falls on the way.

But one afternoon I hiked up to the crags.

Most afternoons, after work, we stopped to swim in the river.

I took a walk one morning, before work.

We drove down to Castle Crags State Park on thursday morning. Castle Crags State Park is in nothern California, just south of Mt. Shasta, on I-5. We spent the first few days building creek crossings, and then spent three days digging side-hill.

Took a stroll Wednesday evening.

Our crew arrived at the base cabin in Linoln, OR on Tuesday, the 29th. I woke up early on Wednesday morning. The only thing I could find to drink in the cabin was some instant decaf coffee. Took a walk around the community. It was once a Mill town. I found this old building in back, by the recycling and garbage.

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