Friday, September 28, 2007

Cle Ellum, WA

A long week of lopping.. cutting back brush from the edge of the trail... with loppers. Oh, Cindy would have been mighty proud.
My pal, Matt Seely, from college, came out for the first day of work. Provided a drop of whiskey to our sober afternoon coffee.
But good Matt left, and by the fifth day we had grown weary and broken when a southwest wind blew in a youthful crew from Portland to assist us in the quarel with our relentless green enemy. Huckleberry, salmonberry, and got merry in that bushy canundrum.

hard at lunch

the reservoir nearby our camp

Back in Trout Lake, WA, Mt. Adams was draped in clouds

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  1. Wonderful style of your paintings. Cool works here!


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