Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Day Off

Shane drove trucks for a living before joining Americore. After his term of service here is complete, he plans to take a road trip to deliver his sister's car to her home in Boston, MA. He aims to apply for the Forest Service. Starting out as a Firefighter.
I've been planting wetland shrubs with Shane over the last week. He was playing the video game Halo while I painted this portrait.

Set out on a run first thing this morning, as we were given the day off. I was reminded that I have been planning to paint this barn ever since the leaves began to change color. Went back out on bike to paint it this afternoon.
A month ago, mushrooms and huckleberries were being sold out of the front.
Before completing the painting, rain drops began to fall, so I biked down to Heavenly Grounds, the local coffee shop, to finish it up.

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