Wednesday, November 7, 2007

House Sitting In Hood River

Back to the stationary life. Besides taking the dog for a walk, and rescuing the cats from the roof, I'm pretty much holed up here in Hood River, trying to make some large paintings worth looking at, and thinking about.
If you will be in the Portland area in December, I'd love to have you come by for the grand opening of the show on first Thursday, at the Attic Gallery at 539 NW 10th and Hoyt in the Pearl district.
I'll have a selection of paintings from this blog framed, and for sale, along with a series of new oil paintings. I hope to self publish another zine to accompany the show.
As for recent small scale paintings, I haven't much to show for now, but some doodles, and a painting I did in Seattle on my way back down from visiting my friend Mike in Bellingham.

on the back of the painting is scribbled:
A slow day, huh?
Yes, it's slow. Still cold. Hands cold.
Metropolitan West, someone said. Metropolitan East, and that ones West.
Metropolitan West, OK.

a warehouse down on the Columbia in Hood River

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