Friday, November 9, 2007

A Trip To The Art Museum

Today, I set out to visit The Maryhill Museum of Art. For some reason, I thought there was a full size replica of Stonehenge on the property. As It turns out, there ain't. But it's pretty plush non-the-less, built way up, on the Washington bank, looking out over the Gorge... what used to be the location of Celilo Falls. The Dalles Dam rendered the sacred falls merely an underwater jumble of rock, but we've got power.
It was a good day, thanks to peacocks, the vistas, and generous pours at the Maryhill Winery. I never ended up going inside the museum, mostly because of the fee, but I think I was really only in it for the museum's grounds.
That Stonehenge replica has got to be somewhere out there. I'm sure I have heard talk of it. I'll report back with the details.

ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY: The geographical features of the Columbia Gorge are on a gigantic scale.

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