Friday, January 18, 2008

Yesterday morning I bought a new pair of flip flops. Walking back to my hostel, I found that it was uncomfortable to walk in them without dragging the heels on the pavement. But I didn´t want to ruin these new blue sandals. looking around me, I noticed everyone else dragging their heels as well. I realized that it didn´t matter, these sandals were intended to be disposable.

got a bit of the travelers diarreah before setting out to aconcogua. I´ll be leaving en menana.

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  1. Will! I'm in Santiago, Chile right now, just a bus ride away from you believe it or not. I'm working part-time at a hostal in exchange for a free room, and I'll be here for at least another week or two, so definitely let me know if you head this way! Enjoy your travels, BsAs is pretty cool, eh? Santiago doesn't have as much character I don't think, but it's still fun and I'm getting lots of chances to practice my Spanish.

    Take care,


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