Saturday, May 24, 2008

From Santiago To The Caribe

Sold a motorcycle in Santiago, Chile two weeks ago.

It took some time.

Just kicked it in an empty hostel with my friend Sara.

And went daydreaming through the Sea of Ciudad Santiago.
With the money from the sale, I bought an airplane ticket to Bogota, Colombia.

I was looking for a proper holiday before returning to the States.
In Bogota, I met some excelent people. During the nights we drank an awful lot of beer.

And in the mornings we pondered about our deviant ways over a cup of coffee, before drinking beer again.

And there was aguardiente.

But now Im on the Caribean, and havnt time for drawing. Only scuba diving, sweating, and eating fish. One more week, and then home.

P.S. I lost a few journels with email addresses of friends met from Bareloche up to Santiago. Pass on a message to me through this blog, or be a friend on facebook, or myspace!
all the best,

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Thanks to my friends at Albergue Latino in Valdivia, Chile for a little commission work.
despite all my efforts with this PC, I cant get this photo upright.
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