Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Changes For The Better

The summer is in full swing, and It's good to be back, and in action. I will no longer have paintings viewable at the Attic Gallery in the Pearl district of NW Portland. The gallery air had grown stale, and my paintings pleaded with me to see the light of day. Plus, upon my return, I found the gallery in a transition phase of down sizing, and re-opening under a different name. It is a good time to move on, with plans to participate in several group shows this summer.

If you have ever been interested in a particular work of mine, but could not afford it's gallery price, contact me for a new reduced price! Otherwise, I will have an updated website within the next week with an online store where paintings can be purchased with a credit card.

Yesterday, I met some friends for the first of a series of group "plein air" painting sessions, at the Worksound Gallery in SE Portland. We will be meeting every monday for the next month, culminating in a group show of our work. The show was organised by Cyrus W. Smith, who's website can be visited via the link to the right. My first two paintings are presented below.

A Chevy

Fellow Painter, Kevin

On Tuesday, July 1st, I will paint my first of thirty one paintings for a group exhibition titled appropriately Thirty-One. Thirty other artists will be held to the same, intense schedule. The month of painting culminates with an exhibition on August 1st at Om Tradition Arts (14 NE 10th Ave. at east Burnside) from 3 to 10pm. I will be posting images of my paintings, as they are completed, here on my blog.

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