Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rontoms and the wigs

OK, what follows is a mess of photos from my recent show at Rontoms in Portland, Oregon.

My mother came out from Tennessee for the event. She single-handedly packaged over forty small paintings for sale. Thanks Mom!

from left to right: Julia Skerry, Carolyn, Damon, and Artie (it's a wig)

Beth and Andy

Amanda and Kevin

Takeo Seely is a pacifist

Jean Braden and her husband. I created a cover illustration for one of Jean's novels in 2006

Josh Thun from The Gullywhumpers came down from Washington for the bash

Damon, considerate and ready to work out

The Best Wig award designed by Takeo Seely

on a walk the next morning
Thanks to everyone for coming out, and all the support during the creation of the paintings.

My friend Denny from New York recently commissioned this portrait of his girlfriends blind cat, Gink. Gink enjoys drinking running water and singing with the birds outside the window.

I will be moving out of the studio I have been sharing with Jeremy Okai Davis and Brandon Walker. They were fantastic studio mates. Thanks guys. Above, Jeremy and I pose in Laura Domela's studio. www.lauradomela.com
I believe i will be losing my website. Keeping the blog, of course (its free). Here is one of the recent pages from my website which is currently down.

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  1. great show, willy.
    oh no, are you losing your website against your will?!
    These are great pics. I really like the blind cat piece you comissioned for Denny.



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